My dreams and goals: Your greatest ambition in life is to build and create. You are a true visionary and there are a lot of things that you dream of making that you would love to see come to fruition. You have an abundance of innovative ideas in your head that you strive to make a reality.

My negative characteristics: You can be inwardly focused at times. You think about yourself first and can appear conceited or uninterested. Although this is a flaw, it also reflects your motivation and drive, and the fact that you have high confidence and believe in yourself.

My strengths: You are highly imaginative and creative. You are self-reflective and very in touch with your emotions as well as others. Being a people person makes you very social and charming and successful in many areas of your life.

My stress sources: You get stressed easily from deadlines. You tend to procrastinate and leave things to the last minute which causes you worry that you will not perform your best or get the acknowledgment you deserve.

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